Bark & Grain - Wood with a Tale

Where each tree gets to share its story.

Visit the Woodshed

Wood’s shape, color and texture is best experienced in-person.
Find inspiration by coming to see our facility and maybe hear a tale or two!

A tree falls during a storm.

Left to rot – too big, too old or too difficult to move. End of story? No! We jump at the chance to cleanup large oaks, poplars and sweet gums to start their journey for the next generation of wood lovers.

It’s not just a log.

We painstakingly try to read each log to maximize its inherent beauty. A little sawdust, a lot of sweat, and some lucky creativity, allow us to get the most from that old oak, poplar or pecan tree.

A new chapter.

We see the extraordinary shapes, colors and patterns hidden in the tree – Nature’s artwork. We provide the perfect slab for you to create your work of art and maybe an heirloom in the process.

That’s the tale of Bark and Grain.

Wood Species

  • Hickory

  • Pecan

  • Northern Red Oak

  • Southern Red Oak

  • Post Oak

  • Water Oak

  • White Oak

  • Willow Oak

  • Black Gum

  • Sweet Gum

  • Sycamore

  • Poplar

  • Eastern Red Oak

  • Loblolly Pine

  • Shortleaf Pine

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